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Vuoksiviiksi - Fishwhisker

Threaded double lure snap ring for trolling. The invention of Finnish troll fishermen’s.

We have developed this easy to use, brilliant catching and easy fishing Vuoksiviiksi - Fishwhisker – double lure lock snap, during hundreds of test hours. It is made of acid proof wire. On the whiskers there are leaders that are made of material which is strong and swims the lures well.

In the development and testing of Vuoksiviiksi - Fishwhisker – double troll lock snap – has taken part in trolling competitions, by competition trollers all over Finland. The Vuoksiviiksi – Fishwhisker works succesfully for accurate trolling of all predator fish.

Vuoksiviiksi – Fishwhisker is an easy to use device which makes it possible to have two lures on the same line. This enables an affect which resembles a shoal of fish that lures predator fish.
You may also use a weight or a weightbait and a hardbait on the same line.
With Vuoksiviiksi - Fishwhisker it is possible to make a situation where you have a hardbait acting like a predator fish which is chasing a bait that acts like a small fish.
An effective way to fish all predator fish is to use a combination of Vuoksiraksi and a weight or a weightbait on Vuoksiviiksi. If you use Vuoksiraksi, we recommend to use on the upper whisker longer leader than normally (about 1 m long). That way Vuoksiraksi makes a rotating movement.

(Lures and weights seen on the pictures are not included in the product)

Advantages of Vuoksiviiksi – Fishwhisker

+ No more easily tangled lines and you avoid hard-to-use swivels and line leaders

+ You can easily get a small fishing or floating wobbler or lure down to the bottom with a crankbait, weightbait or a weight

+ Used with a weight Vuoksiviiksi - Fishwhisker causes the weight to touch bottom first, thus the hooks on the lure rarely snag

+The lenght of the leader or additional line can easily be changed

+You can use different combinations, for example pike and walleyfly or a softbait together with a hardbait

+ Creates easily an effect of a shoal

+Vuoksiviiksi - Fishwhisker creates a greater vibration in the water which will lure predator fish

+You can find out which colour or lure/bait lures the fish double as quickly as using a single lure


Attach Vuoksiviiksi - Fishwhisker to the line with a swivel snap lock. You can for example attach two hardbaits to the locks of the “whiskers”. Put the Vuoksiviiksi - Fishwhisker + lure combination carefully down to the water. You can start to fish without casting by lowering the thing carefully into the water.

EU-model number:

Laiko Company (Finland)

Laikoviiksi - Strong Fishwhisker

We have developed another version of the Whiskers, mainly for the request of Finnish top trollers and leading salmon trollers living in Norway and Sweden.
On one end of the Laikoviiksi – Strong Fishwhisker the leader is about 5-7 cm long and on the other end, the length of the leader is as much as 32-40 cm. The material of the leaders is extremely durable Graphite-Metal wire. The Graphite-Metal wire combines the best qualities of multiple fiber wire and steel leader. The wire is extremely flexible and it swims the lures well.

The leader is attached to the end of the whiskers with a ball bearing swivel snap lock. On the other end of the leader there is a really durable cross lock.

In the making of Laikoviiksi – Strong Fishwhisker we have not used double sleeves but the Graphite-Metal wire is tied to the locks by hand. This has maximized the endurance.

In the Laikoviiksi – Strong Fishwhisker the lures are further away from each other. In some cases this may help the fishing depending on circumstances and how the fish are eating.


Attach Laikoviiksi – Strong Fishwhisker to the line with a help of a ball bearing swivel snap lock. Do it while you are already on the boat. Attach for example two hardbaits to the locks of the whiskers. Put the Laikoviiksi– Strong Fishwhisker – lure combination carefully down to the water. Start to fish. Avoid casting. You can easily straighten the twisted leader between your fingers by pulling it a few times.

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